The MNI <-> Talairach Tool

This simple tool allows a user to map from MNI to Talairach coordinates and back as well as obtain information about the location of any point in this MNI (Colin) Brain image.

To open the application, go to its web page at

The Mni2Tal tool Figure 1: The MNI2Tal tool.

The controls are as follows:

Any changes to E, F , G or the viewer will update all of these. So any changing in MNI coordinates will result in updated values in (F) and (G).

Application Info

The MNI to Talairach mapping is from Lacadie et al. NeuroImage 2008. The Brodmann area definitions are from the following abstract: C.M. Lacadie, R. K. Fulbright, J. Arora, R.T.Constable, and X. Papademetris. Brodmann Areas defined in MNI space using a new Tracing Tool in BioImage Suite. Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2008.

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